A little about me… OR A LOT

Lets get right to it! HI, I am so glad you’re here reading something I wrote for YOU to get to know ME a little better.  I am a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst who is fueled by an endless amount of passion for helping others change their life using Science-Based interventions that can back up what I am saying, while also being aligned with what lights my soul on fire & that is the power of neuroplasticity; which if you google the meaning you’ll come across something similar to what I am about to share.  I believe that our mind is what controls our life, one way or another what we think, without having to say it outloud or without acknowledging the thought; somehow comes to life in what we call “our present reality".  I have had the amazing experience of being able to complete my master’s of science in psychology of Applied Behavior Analysis this year (2021)  & through this experience I have learned that science is such an amazing topic. My intention is to impact the lives of many by sharing my life & personal experiences.  Learning that my struggles and childhood battles were not designed by the universe to ruin me; but instead to unite me with the best version of myself! Personally, my perspective for what we call life, The present reality, this moment in space… The list goes on! Is that you have the power to hold anything you want, if you gain just enough mindfulness, spiritual awareness, and science-based knowledge.

Throughout the recent years, I have struggled to find others who are willing to share their wisdom. I found it even harder to find others around me who are willing to share their genuine experience when it comes to things like enrolling in school, starting a business where you are the only one who believes in it or simply sharing how I can avoid some stress and finish something with a little less struggle than they did. My mistake was always assuming that others would treat me how I treated them! I quickly learned that when I help someone, I cannot expect them to become my friend & invite me for coffee. I am the first person in my family to continue their education after high school. With little to NO IDEA about what I was ever doing, I still enjoyed helping others pick their classes or sharing what I was able to learn through my mistakes with others.  I know what it’s like to have to wait a whole semester to graduate because you are missing ONE credit. Although I attended multiple meetings with a guidance counselor, they must've never noticed that I was behind ONE credit; the semester I thought I would graduate. Fast forward to finishing my Bachelor’s in Arts and working full-time as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT), a lot of the people around me would ask me for help on how to join the ABA field and I found myself creating an individualized life plan for them. A list of the courses they have to take to graduate with a psychology degree, the requirements they must meet as per the BACB. I would even go to extra mile to direct them towards places to apply, fix their resume up and help them find jobs where they can grow as individuals. I did this for multiple friends, till one day I quit my job and opened my own academy. With no announcement to anyone and literally not thinking twice about it, I was no longer an RBT. I was finishing grad school, trying to learn how to run a business, create course material, and *drum roll* study for my board exam!

I am always searching for growth, to be comfortable outside of my comfort zone, and for ways to literally pave the path on the ground for others. That is what sets my soul on fire, being able to guide someone else in the right direction. I know what it feels like to be guided towards multiple dead ends; I learned to love the word resilience because of it. There is no need to give up when most things have solutions, the key is searching for the right knowledge. I hope that reading a little about me inspired to believe in yourself and take that leap of faith!

We should not be afraid of change, instead; we should be afraid of consent and routines that do not bring us happiness!

If you've come this far with getting to know a little about me, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for even navigating through the website. If you have any questions or just want to chat about something. Feel free to DM me or email me, Im here to connect with you!

XOXO, The Behavior Witch

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